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Initial documentation and available elements

Check this page to see all the elements that are pre-styled already and how you can use them. Just copy the HTML and paste it in a text/HTML module or use it in your own custom modules front-end or 3rd party templatable modules.

External introduction blog

A great article has been written by This is for the html version but you can just follow the article and replace the the html in the col_4 classed div elements with contentpanes. The mentioned style.css of course in DotNetNuke is skin.css. Best is to start below the LAYOUT comment element block. The horizontal nav is the the same as the DDRMenu call that is already in the default skin

Learn How To Rock Your Templates with HTML KickStart Columns

This article written by the original developer of HTML KickStart gives another good intro in how the column setup works. Same as above just repalce the div with col_ classes with a contentpane of your choice

As soon as I find some more time to work on this I will make a DotNetNuke walk-through. Of course you are welcome to do it yourself and I will link to it and give you credit.

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